VirtuAlarm is NOT a Central Station.  It is an ALARM SIGNAL ROUTING SERVICE that allows the Alarm Dealer to individually or collectively move his accounts between Central Stations, as well as use specialized false alarm reduction platforms and alarm signal platforms that benefit not only the Dealer, but their Subscribers as well.


Q:  How much does it cost to be a VirtuAlarm Dealer?

A:  There is a one-time $9.95 setup fee to become a VirtuAlarm Dealer, which includes your first two (2) non-prorated months of our $5.00 monthly Dealer access charge, regardless of how many accounts you have online with us.


Q:  What does the Dealer get for the $5.00 monthly access fee?

A:  Dealers receive full access to the VirtuAlarm portal to add, change or delete a customer 24/7.  They also has access to the alarm history portal for review of both incoming signals and out going signals, including their customers interactive responses and full technical support for them and if needed, their customers.  Every Dealer also receives their company information, including their phone number, logo and a website link that is displayed on our “FIND AN ALARM DEALER” section under their State or Province.


Q: Why Would a Dealer want to be listed anyway?

A:   Since VirtuAlarm sells its alarm products and communicators for the DIY take over market through both retails, including Amazon,  when a retail customer wants their equipment monitored, we direct them to visit WWW.VIRTUALARM.COM> FIND AN ALARM DEALER  to choose one of our Dealers to provide monitoring services for them.  The listed Dealer receives a new Subscriber while using our services to route the alarm signals to their Central Station.


Q: How much does it cost for a Dealer to add a new VirtuAlarm Customer to a Dealer group of accounts?

A: There is a one time $9.95 setup fee to add any NEW VirtuAlarm Customer, which includes the first two (2) non-prorated months of our $2.00 monthly Customer service fee.


Q: After the first two (2) free months, how much is the service for each VirtuAlarm customer account?

A: VirtuAlarm charges a $2.00 per month fee for any of its platforms or services.  We do not charge any additional for data use, cellular time or even call routing fees, regardless of what type of transmitter or which platform you use.


Q: How do I cancel a Customer account?

A: A Dealer can Add, Delete, change or Cancel any of their Customers online 24/7 through the Dealer access portal.


Q: How does a Dealer get one of their Customers alarm signals to route though VirtuAlarm?

A: VrituAlarm offers the Dealers wholesale pricing on its M2M-MIN-CELL, IP_WI-FI and Telephone re-transmitters that will directly connect the Customers alarm to our platform.  We also offer direct input of any Dealers customer accounts over telephone lines and through 3rd party services such as Alarm-Net,, Telguard and Uplink.


Q: What VirtuAlarm platforms are included in your $2.00 per month fee?

A: The following Alarm Signal Forwarding Platforms are included free:

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Alarm Signal Forwarding Only to ANY Central Station Worldwide

Alarm Signal Notification via APP to Customers for SELF-DISPATCH

Alarm Signal Forwarding to ANY Central Station Worldwide + Instant APP & SMS Notifications

Alarm Signal Forwarding to ANY Central Station Worldwide + Interactive APP, SMS & IVR Control