VirtuAlarm Would Like To Introduce You To Our Newest  Transmitter.

The iP-Wi-Fi “Universal Communicator”

And What Better Way Then To Just Give You One FREE?

You Might Ask What’s So Special About Our

IP-Wi-Fi Communicator?

  • Developed by The Inventor Who Patented The First IP Communicator (ABN).

  • Certified by a Team of Seasoned Alarm Installers, Dealers and Central Stations.

  • The Only IP Communicator Needed In a Technician’s Service Bag For New or Legacy Alarms.

  • Can be Used With Any Existing Alarm Panel, Manufactured by Anyone, Using Dial Capture.

  • Connects to Our M2M-Mini-Cell or Any Cellular Transmitter For Backup Cellular Reporting.

  • Can Be Powered From The Alarm Panel Directly or With a 12DVC Power Supply. (provided)

  • Quickly Connects to The Internet Over WI-FI or Directly Plugged Into The Local Router.

  • Can Be Sent Directly to The Subscriber For Fast and Easy DIY Setup.

  • Converts Any Alarm Panel Existing Format Into Universally Acceptable Contact ID.

  • Dealers Choose What Monitoring Center They Want it Sent To, Anywhere in The World.

  • Dealers Can Change What Monitoring Center it Reports to, in Real Time.

  • Dealers or The Subscriber Can Login Online to Review All Events and Signals in Real Time.

  • Dealers or Subscribers Can Place On or Off Line For System Testing.

  • Dealers Can Restrict or Block Specific Signals From Being Reported to Their Monitoring Center.

  • Dealers Can Add a Multi-Stage False Alarm Reduction Platform Through VirtuAlarm.

  • Dealers Can Add Disaster Recovery For VirtuAlarm Live Monitoring in The Event Their Monitoring Center Fails.

  • Dealers Can Offer Subscribers a Self-Dispatching 911 Platform Option Through VirtuAlarm.

  • Dealers Can Suspend, Cancel, Transfer or Sell Their VirtuAlarm Accounts at Any Time.

  • Dealers First IP-WI-FI is FREE, Additional Units Sell For Less Than 50% of Any Other IP Communicator On The Market.

  • The iP-Wi-Fi Routing Service is at no charge!

    Dial Capture interface.
    1 digital alarm input
    1 LAN connection port
    Supply voltage +10 to +17 VDC
    Power Consumption Nominal 15mA, Peak 200 mA
    Ultra-Compact Dimensions: 3.5”x 2.