Our “AlarmNet® for Less” program saves Dealers Money!

How much do you pay your CENTRAL STATION for your AlarmNet® services now?

AlarmNet® only sells its services directly to Central Stations, allowing them to mark-up their wholesale fees by as much as they want.

What if you could keep your AlarmNet accounts in the SAME Central Station, and get the same wholesale pricing your Central Station receives?


With VirtuAlarm® ‘AlarmNet® for Less” program, you only pay the wholesale Central Station rate

plus a $1.00 service fee to route each of your AlarmNet® accounts signal back to your existing Central Station.


(1) If your not already, sign up to be a VirtuAlarm® Dealer.

(2) Request to add “AlarmNet® for LESS” to your Dealer account by calling 1-800-681-6791.

(3) Through AlarmNet 360, you can add new AlarmNet® accounts yourself online.

(4) With NO DOWN TIME, AlarmNet® account signals will be routed to your existing Central Station in real-time.

(5) Depending on how many accounts you have, and how you send the signals to your Central Station, you only pay the Wholesale Rate from AlarmNet, plus $1.00 service fee from VirtuAlarm.com

For more information on how you can start saving on your AlarmNet® fees, contact us at 1-800-681-6791.


AlarmNet® is a registered Trade Mark of the PITTWAY CORPORATION.