VirtuAlarm® Alarm Dealers can send their alarm signals to any Central Monitoring Station Worldwide, by entering their Local or Toll-Free Receiver number. (PSTN)  VirtuAlarm® Central Station Partners receive a FREE IP Receiver to connect to any automation system allowing VirtuAlarm® Alarm Dealers to send their signals faster over a secure network, and without the added fees and charges of a PSTN Local or Toll-Free line.  VirtuAlarm® not only allows the Alarm Dealer to use their M2M Services and IP-Wi-Fi products for IP Delivery, but also allows the Alarm Dealers to push signals from any 3rd party service directly through their Dashboard to the Central Station, again, saving them time and money.

VirtuAlarm® Central Station Partners can choose to allow an open network for their Dealers to enter their own line card I.D. and 4-digit Subscriber account numbers, or a closed Network, where they can assign a block of account numbers to their Alarm Dealers and in turn choose to charge a fee to the Dealer per IP connected Subscriber account.  Our FREE IP Receiver also allows for much more than the traditional Hexadecimal 4-digit numbers of “0 to 9” allowing only 10,000 Subscriber accounts for a single line card.  We can transmit and deliver all alpha and numeric digits to allow for up to 2,085,136 accounts on a single line card number.  No special software or automation programming is required.

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