Our Exclusive 1 Year Warranty, Extends to 2 Full Years

For Our GOLD STAR Dealers.

Follow these steps for a Warranty replacement of any alarm transmitter VirtuAlarm® sells directly or through its authorized distributors after September 1st, 2019.

1.  Complete the form on the VERY BOTTOM of this webpage for EACH DEVICE you are requesting a warranty replacement on.

2.  Submit the form and a copy of it will be sent to the email you entered on the form.

3.  Print a copy of the emailed form and attach it to the device you are requesting the warranty replacement on.

4.  Return the device directly to the address shown on the warranty replacement form emailed to you.

  (NOTE: If shipping internationally, be sure to mark the envelope “RETURN FOR REPAIR” in order to have Taxes & Duties waived.)

5.  Upon receipt of the device, VirtuAlarm® warranty department shall perform a full review of the device to confirm it is within warranty.

6.  If the device is within warranty, it will be fully tested and either repaired or replaced prior to being returned to you.  If the device is NOT within warranty, you will be notified of your options by email prior to VirtuAlarm servicing the device.


(a) Warranty only applies to “Non-Express” signal transmitters purchased from VirtuAlarm® or its authorized distributors after September 1st, 2019.

(b) Warranty offered to alarm Dealers on signal transmitters for up to one year after purchase from VirtuAlarm or authorized distributor, or two years on devices purchased after Dealer has reached 100 accounts in VirtuAlarm Dashboard.

(c) Warranty valid during the devices initial installation/account number only and is non-transferrable.

(d) Warranty claim must be made within 30 days of devices last alarm or disconnect off line signal.

(e) Device must returned and be post marked within 15 days of online warranty filing.

(f) Dealer must NOT DELETE the VirtuAlarm Customer account in their dashboard or warranty on the device is void.  Dealer is to set Central Station reporting to “NONE” to log future signals only. ( VirtuAlarm will delete the account on behalf of Dealer upon receipt of the device for warranty repair and issue any credits as needed. )

(g) Dealer must COPY the Customer account to ADD a similar signal transmitter for ongoing services.

(h) Warranty void if transmitter damaged due to incorrect installation, power surge, lightning damage, water damage, physical damage or tampering.

(i) Dealer is responsible for any shipping costs.

(j) If device is not covered under warranty, unless requested by Dealer within 5 days of notification of such to return the device to them at their expense, the device shall be disposed of.

(k) If device is found to be in working condition, a bench testing fee may be charged to Dealers VirtuAlarm account.

(l) Any refunds issued for warranty covered devices shall be done through the Distributor that the device was purchased from.

(m) Any warranty claim made on a device within 60 days of its purchase, the device is to be sent to the DISTRIBUTOR and not VirtuAlarm® unless purchased directly from VirtuAlarm®.

(n) 60 days after device purchase, if covered under warranty, a 5% depreciation shall apply on any warranty covered refunds regardless of where the device was purchased.

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