For any service device purchased from VirtuAlarm® or it’s Authorized Distributors.

How to Start a Warranty Return:

  1. Test the Device(s) with VirtuAlarm® tech support to confirm it’s not working correctly.

  2. Confirm that the device is covered under warranty per the WARRANTY TERMS shown below.

  3. If it is covered under warranty, complete the form on the bottom of this webpage.

  4. We’ll email you a return authorization within a few minutes 24/7 to attach to the device to return.

  5. If the device(s) failed within 90 DAYS OF PURCHASE, they must be sent directly back to the place purchased.

  6. If the devices(s) failed AFTER 90 DAYS OF PURCHASE with the return authorization attached, mail the device(s) to the address listed on the return authorization form.        (If shipping internationally, mark the envelope “RETURN FOR REPAIR” to prevent Taxes & Duties.)

What We Do When Its Returned Directly to VirtuAlarm®:

  • VirtuAlarm® technical support will bench test the device(s) to confirm proper functionality.

  • If covered under Warranty, your Dealer account will be charged for a replacement and a small return shipping fee, after receiving a credit based on an 8% per month depreciation.

  • If it was determined that the deice(s) failed, but not covered under warranty, the device will be destroyed and not returned.

  • If the device was determined to not have failed, a $35.00 technical support fee and a small return shipping fee will be charged to your account and the device will be returned to you.

  • Unless otherwise requested, return shipments shall be through the U.S. postal services with tracking and insurance, billed to the Dealers account.

  • The Dealers Billing Ledger will show all charges and credits of the warranty process.


(1) Warranty is only offered on devices with monthly fees, purchased within 12 months, directly from VirtuAlarm® or an Authorized Distributor.
(2) Warranty shall require 
proof of purchase if requested by VirtuAlarm®
Warranty is extended to the first account installation of any device(s) and is void once a device has been removed, reused or reprovisioned.
(4) Dealer to have completed the customer information section upon initial setup, including address and phone number, or warranty is void.
Dealer must fully test device(s) with VirtuAlarm® technical support prior to removal from job site, or warranty is void.
Warranty period, or start date, shall begin the date the device was originally purchased, or initialized, which ever was sooner.
(7) Dealer 
responsible to delete the device from his dashboard upon completion of testing with VirtuAlarm® technician to stop service fees.
(8) VirtuAlarm® has the right to either replace, repair or issue a refund on any warranty covered device.
(9) If a device is replaced, or refunded, a pro-rated deprecation shall apply for each month from original warranty start date.
If a device is replaced, the Dealer shall be charged the depreciated amount of their original purchase price, plus return shipping.
If a device is refunded, a credit shall be issued to the Dealer account, less the depreciated amount from their original purchase price.
(12) If a device is repaired, 
the Dealer shall be charged a return shipping fee.
(13) Warranty is void on any device, once it has reached its sunset date or is no longer being activated by VirtuAlarm®.
(14) Warranty is void if device was received as a promotional offer, free, previously repaired or replaced.
(15) Warranty is void if device was 
ever enrolled in self-dispatch, non-central station reporting or an express service device.
(16) Dealer shall be responsible for all shipping costs, including any taxes, duties, or brokerage fees if applicable.
(17) If device is found to be in good working order, a $35.00/US fee will be charged for technical support before return of the device.
(18) Devices must be returned to place of purchase if failed within 90 days of original purchased..
(19) Terms are subject to change without notice.



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