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Currently AlarmNet® services are billed directly to Central Stations using a CITY/CSID code, allowing them to markup the rates to their Dealers.   Most Central Stations use this as a large profit center, often doubling or tripling the rates charged to them by AlarmNet® before passing it along to their Dealers.  The average monthly rate for an AlarmNet® account can exceed $15.00, with even higher rates for specialized services, such as adding Total Connect®, Video and even UL Fire.

Virtualarm® has developed a program with AlarmNet® to issue each of its Dealers their own private City / CSID code.  Based on how many AlarmNet for Less accounts the Dealer has, VirtuAlarm® will re-bill the Alarm Dealers the actual WHOLESALE fees from Alarmnet®, plus a service fee for as low as $1.00 / USD per AlarmNet for Less Account, saving the Dealer 70% or more on each AlarmNet account.


  • 25 or more AlarmNet® accounts are required to qualify for the AlarmNet® for Less. 

  • VirtuAlarm® Dealers are issued their own private CITY/CSID code and required to manage their AlarmNet® accounts using AlarmNet 360 online. 

  • A $5.95 setup / activation fee, plus the VirtuAlarm base account rate is charged for each AlarmNet® device enrolled into the AlarmNet® for Less program and routes the signal back to the Dealers existing monitoring center or any other center of their choice. (Migration is in real-time with no service down time.)

  • Dealer is billed for their AlarmNet wholesale monthly invoice for their specific CITY/CSID code each month, plus a 3% B&O tax reimbursement and 3% credit card fee.  

  • The AlarmNet® for Less aggergated rate is billed by VirtuAlarm each month is based on the total number of AlarmNet accounts shown below:

     VirtuAlarm® AlarmNet for Less EXPRESS® RATES: 

    • 25 to 100 AlarmNet Accounts ($3.50 ea.) 

    • 101 to 300 AlarmNet Accounts ($3.25 ea.) 

    • 301 to 500 AlarmNet Accounts ($3.00 ea.) 

    • 501 to 1000 AlarmNet Accounts ($1.75 ea.)

    • 1001 to 1500 AlarmNet Accounts ($1.50 ea.)

    • 1501 to 2000 AlarmNet Accounts ($1.25 ea.)

    • 2001 + AlarmNet Accounts ($1.00 ea.)


  • Enrollment of each AlarmNet® for Less Subscriber requires a $5.95 setup fee, plus the Current VirtuAlarm base rate and the AlarmNet for less rate the Dealer qualifies for based on how many devices are active for the month.

  • AlarmNet® wholesale fees are billed 30 days AFTER they have been provided by AlarmNet to the Dealer.

  • The Dealers monthly invoice from AlarmNet® shall reflect all services for their Subscriber accounts, plus any added taxes and a 3.5% credit card payment fee.

  • The monthly estimated wholesale fees charged to the Dealer for their AlarmNet® wholesale account shall be calculated and fixed for six-month periods. (January through June and July through December.)

  • Every January and July, the Dealers AlarmNet billing will be audited and re-adjusted for the current wholesale monthly fees being charged by AlarmNet for the Dealers accounts.

  • When adjusted, VirtuAlarm® shall audit the previous six months billed by AlarmNet® for the Dealers wholesale services and based on the estimated fees already collected, VirtuAlarm® shall either CHARGE or CREDIT the Dealers account for any difference.

  • Since AlarmNet® wholesale fees are billed after the services have been provided, should dealer cancel services, a final billing will be due for the previous month’s services.

  • Should Dealer ever have less than 25 active AlarmNet for Less accounts at any time, a $10.00 per account surcharge will be added.

  • A 3% B&O use tax and 3% credit card fee will be added to any AlarmNet Wholesale fees passed on to Dealer.



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