Security and Smart Home Automation for VirtuAlarm® Dealers

Yolink, a leading manufacturer in Security and IOT products, has partnered exclusively with VirtuAlarm to provide global signal processing of its security products through the VirtuAlarm platform and APP, to any Central Station World Wide.   Now Alarm Dealers are no longer “locked out” of the Do-it-Yourself “RMR” Monitoring Market as they previously have been with systems like SimpliSafe, Ring, Abode or Ooma. 

The key to unlocking the Do-it-Yourself market is in the Yolink hub.  When adding it into your VirtuAlarm online Dashboard the same way you would add any other device, it auto-provisions to become the Yolink Pro!  VirtuAlarm Dealers can only purchase Provisioned Yolink Pro Hubs from VirtuAlarm at, or choose to purchase Non-Provisioned Yolink Hubs online at, or Directly.


VirtuAlarm Dealers can then choose to re-sell any of the Yolink security and Home Automation devices to their Subscribers as a complete system with Security and IOT with little or no pricing competition. to add up to over 200 security and IoT devices to build and install their own Do-it-Yourself system with professional monitoring.


Yolink Pro Wireless Security Devices

 YoLink provides coverage and range unmatched by any other technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-Wave, because it is based on a unique technology called LoRa.    This technology offers exceptionally long range, including ceiling and wall penetration, yet with extremely low power consumption, resulting in batteries lasting many years longer than with other technologies.  All devices were designed to interconnect using a Yolink hub to provide a professional grade, highly encrypted security system and IoT network. Originally created for the Do-it-Yourself market, Yolink offers extremely fast and easy setup using onsite QR-Codes or remote setup on behalf of a Subscriber, all while maintaining a very low cost point.