VirtuAlarm offers its services through Affiliates in the U.S.  Our Affiliate program was designed to allow the alarm installer to focus on new sales and installations, while leaving the monthly billing, accounting and central station payments to us.

For $6.95,  we include virtually everything from the initial new account setup in VirtuAlarms UL 827, Intertek & Factory Mutual Central Station, to automatically billing their Subscribers directly by credit card each month, and the extension of our monitoring license Nationwide for just pennies more than a Dealer would be paying just for the monitoring services somewhere else.

 What You Would Do:

• You Apply to Become a VirtuAlarm Affiliate Using This Application.
• You Install or Takeover Any Alarm System, Anywhere.
• You Choose Any Alarm Equipment You Want to Use.
• You Choose the Alarm Account Numbers You Want.
• You Choose the Monthly Billing Rates You Want.
• You Setup the Monthly Billing Information Online.
• You Setup the Central Station Information Online.

 What We Would Do:

• We Verify All Central Station Information.
• We Maintain All Future Customer Alarm Information.
• We Provide Any Required Monitoring Licenses.
• We Provide UL/FM Monitoring Through One of Our Central Station Partners.
• We Bill the Customer Directly Each Month For Their Monitoring Fees.
• We Maintain All Future Customer Billing Information.
• We Forward You All Customer Payments Received, Less $8.95 Withholding.

Affiliate Program Fees:

• A $5.00 Per Month Dealer Access Fee After Your First 2 FREE Months.
• A $8.95 Per Customer Withholding Fee For Our Services.

 To get started as an Affiliate, click the JOIN OUR TEAM button below.

*VAR services not available in Canada.