UL FIRE Digital Diverter Installation Guide

Step by step instructions to switch your Fire Alarm Monitoring using a pair of digital diverters.

These plug-n-play devices connects between your Fire Alarm Panel & the existing two phone lines.

During the initial setup process, we recommend connecting the digital diverters on the outside of the Fire Alarm Panel for ease of connection and testing.  Once fully tested, they should be relocated inside the Fire Alarm Panel for security purposes.

Warning: if you have DSL high speed internet over either of your phone lines, do not connect the diverter without first contacting our technical support department at 1-888-769-8977 to confirm placement of a special DSL filter to prevent damage to the unit.


(1) Unpack the digital diverters. You will note there is one labeled LINE #1 and the other is labeled LINE #2.

(2) Locate your main alarm control panel (Not the arm/disarm keypad on the wall) and then the two (2) telephone lines cord attached to it. The cords may be plugged into a pair of phone jacks located next to the alarm panel or they may be inside the alarm panel itself.

(3) Unplug only ONE of the two Fire alarm panel phone cords allowing it to hang freely from the fire panel.

NOTE: ( If there are no Telephone jacks with detachable cord, and it was hardwired to the Fire alarm panel, it was connected illegally.  You must contact us at 1-888-769-8977 before moving forward for us to instruct you how to correct this wiring.) 

(4) Wait for the Fire Alarm to start a ‘TROUBLE” alarm due to one of the two lines being disconnected.

(5) Read the trouble warning to determine what line was just disconnected, LINE #1 or LINE #2.  It may also display as Primary (#1) or Secondary (#2).

(6) What ever line number is showing in trouble, plug the hanging panel phone cord into the female jack labeled “ALARM” of the Digital Diverter that corresponds with the same LINE NUMBER. (LINE #1 or LINE #2).

(7) The plug the black 8 pin male cord on that Diverter into the telephone company phone jack you just removed the alarm panel cord from to restore the phone circuit again. (The Trouble alarm should stop within a minute or so. showing the connection was successful. If the trouble alarm does not stop, restore the connections to the previous state and contact us at 1-888-769-8977 before moving forward.)

(8) Once the trouble alarm has restored itself, you can quickly install the second digital diverter on the other phone line without waiting until the trouble alarm kicks in.

Note: The Digital Diverters are now ready to perform an automatic registration of your Fire Alarm System .

(9) Locate the Backup battery in your Fire Alarm Panel.

(10) Disconnect ONE SIDE of the battery lead.

(11) Wait until the Trouble alarm is shown on the fire panel for either LOW BATTERY or MISSING BATTERY.

Note: Do not reconnect the battery yet.

(12) Allow the alarm to stay in trouble alarm condition for 15 minutes, then reconnect the battery lead and the trouble alarm should stop.

(13) Call the 24 hour alarm registration department at 1-800-499-5904.

(14) When a live alarm operator answers, tell them that you have just completed testing of your alarm system and you would like to confirm what your actual alarm account number is.

(15) Provide the live operator with the caller id of the telephone lines that the signal could have come over on.

(16) The operator will locate your new account number and provide it to you. (NOTE: If they could not locate any signals from your Fire Alarm Panel, you will need to contact Technical Support as soon as possible at 1-888-769-8977.

(17) Go online to http://OnLineHelpForm.com

(18) Complete the section labeled “ VERIFIED NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER FORM .



Questions?  Contact Tech Support at 1-888-769-8977

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