Digital Diverter Installation Guide

Step by step instructions to switch your alarm monitoring using a digital diverter.

This plug-n-play device connects between your alarm panel & any phone jack.

During the initial setup process, we recommend connecting the digital diverters on the outside of the Alarm Panel for ease of connection and testing.  Once fully tested, it should be relocated inside the Alarm Panel for security purposes.

Warning: if you have DSL high speed internet over your phone line, do not connect the diverter without first contacting our technical support department at 1-888-769-8977 to confirm placement of a special DSL filter to prevent damage to the unit.



(1) Unpack the digital diverter.

(2) Locate your main alarm control panel (Not the arm/disarm keypad on the wall) and then the telephone line cord attached to it. The cord may be plugged into a phone jack located next to the alarm panel or it may be inside the alarm panel itself.

(3) Unplug the alarm panel phone cord from the telco phone jack and allow it to hang freely from the panel.

NOTE: ( If there is no Telephone jack with a detachable cord, and it was hardwired to the alarm panel, it was connected illegally.  You must contact us before moving forward for us to instruct you how yo correct this wiring.) 

(4) With our digital diverter in hand, plug the black 8 pin male cord on the side marked “telco side” into the telephone company phone jack you just removed the alarm panel cord from.

(5) Allow the digital diverter to hang freely from the black cord you just plugged in.

(6) Pick up any phone in the premises that uses the same phone line the alarm system uses to confirm you have a dial tone. If you do not hear a dial tone, unplug the black-cord and use the white-cord instead. Re-check for dial tone. If dial tone is now heard, skip to section #8 below.

(7a) If you still do not hear a dial tone, your phone jack may be wired incorrectly and will need to be corrected. Stop at this point. Reverse all work previously completed in steps 3 & 4. Contact tech support at 1-888-769-8977 .

(8) Once you have dial tone confirmation, you will need to plug the alarm panel telephone line cord (now hanging freely) into the digital diverters 8 pin female slot on the side marked “alarm line”.

Note: The Digital Diverter is now ready to perform an automatic registration that takes place during the first three (3) alarm conditions. You will be required to repeat the steps below three (3) times with a five (5) minute pause between each trip.

(9) Prepare your alarm system for arming by closing all doors and windows.

(10) Proceed to arm your alarm system and allow it to go through its arming period, usually 90 seconds.

(11) Once fully armed, open an instant portion of the alarm such as a window or non-entry door causing a full alarm condition and not just a pre-alarm condition.

Note: The alarm siren or bell will begin to sound if placed into full alarm.

(12) Allow the alarm to stay in full alarm condition for 60 seconds, then disarm.

(13) Wait five (5) minutes and then repeat step 10, 11 & 12.

(14) Again, wait another (5) minutes and then repeat steps 10, 11 & 12.

(15) Call the 24 hour alarm registration department at 1-800-499-5904.

(16) When a live alarm operator answers, tell them that you have just completed testing of your alarm system and you would like to confirm what your actual alarm account number is.

(17) Provide the live operator with the caller id of the telephone line just used to send the (3) alarms into the center in the previous steps.

(18) The operator will locate your new account number and provide it to you.

(19) Go online to

(20) Complete the section labeled ” VERIFIED NEW ACOUNT NUMBER FORM .



Questions?  Contact Tech Support at 1-888-769-8977

Open  Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm (Pacific Time)