VirtuAlarm offers Dealers a direct IP link to their Central Station when they install the VA-LINK direct C.S. Network IP connection.

The following Central Stations offer a direct C.S. Network-IP connection to its Dealers for our fastest and most secure method of sending signals.

If your Central Station currently does not offer a C.S. Network-IP connection, simply have them contact us to order one.  Until then, you can always send your signals over our PSTN network by entering your toll free receiver number instead.

Here are our current Central Station and their ID numbers:

American Digital Monitoring  (ID# AMER )

Centrale Securite BPG Ltee ( ID# CBPG )

Global Link Response Centre ( ID# GLOB )

Graham Alarm Monitoring ( ID# GRAH )

Lanvac Surveillance Inc. ( ID# LANV )