VirtuAlarm offers its dealer two types of M2M portal access.

The M2M Privatal Portal allows the Dealer to locate and update may features on his M2M devices anytime.
Dealers can request direct access to all their M2M-MIN-CELL devices to not only see the cellular carrier being used, but also monitor the cellular signal strength, power consumption and watch signal processing in real-time.  The Dealer can also add their own custom company logo on the R-control app.  The cost is $5.00 per month due to the data maintenance required to transfer the Dealers devices into the private portal every time they are ordered as well as the additional costs to allow the Dealer to issue sub-account access for their installers and technicians as needed.


The FREE M2M View Portal allows a Dealer to only lookup and view one Device at a time with all the same benefits except no changes can be made and they are not able to add their own custom company logo on the R-control app, nor are they allowed to have sub-accounts for their installers or technicians.

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