While VirtuAlarm communicators can report virtually to any Monitoring Center Worldwide by entering a Toll-free receiver phone number in our Subscriber setup section, our Central Station Partners get a direct IP connection into VirtuAlarm, allowing for the fastest alarm communications available. There is no upfront fees to become a Central Station Partner and our IP connection is provided at no charge.

Interested in Becoming a VirtuAlarm Central Station Partner?

Canadian Central Stations are NO LONGER BLOCKED from using M2M products.

Prior to VirtuAlarm, Canadian Alarm Dealers were restricted from selling the very sought after M2M Product line.  But with VirtuAlarm, any Dealer in Canada can purchase, install and send signals using M2M products into any Central Station of their choice.

If your a Canadian Central Station, you can become a “VirtuAlarm Central Station Partner” and receive our IP Network Server at no charge to start allowing your Alarm Dealers to use VirtuAlarm and M2M communicators.