VirtuAlarMail Converts Standard Emails into Contact ID

No Monthly Data or Signal Fees!

This unique alarm reporting service turns any device that sends an email into a ‘Professionally” monitored system.  Using a patent pending algorithm, for each alarm signal type or zone, VirtuAlarm creates a unique encrypted email address and data string that any authorized VirtuAlarm Partner can use to program into a device to make it send an email  usable for professional alarm monitoring.

Once entered, it allows for monitoring of any DIY alarm system, Video Camera, Door Bell, Driveway Alarm or anything that can send an email.  Our VirtuAlarmail service even works with A.I. systems such a Echo, Alexa, Google Home or Omega system for in home voice command alarm services such as “HELP-POLICE”, “HELP-FIRE” or  even “HELP-I’VE-FALLEN”.