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 IP-Wi-Fi Communicator

No Monthly Data or Signal Fees.*

IP-WI-FI (Supports Contact ID Format Only)    IP-WI-FI-U (Universal – Supports All Formats –Temporarily Out of Stock)

When considering sending alarm signals over the internet, our WI-FI connected IP Transmitter should top the list.  Its easy to install and it can report to any Central Station or Monitoring Center you choose in the World.   

As delivered the IP-WI-FI works right out od the box when plugging into a local router.  If you choose to connect by WI-FI a simple setting change and it becomes a fully WI-FI connected IP alarm transmitter.

  • Dial Capture interface.
  • 1 digital alarm input
  • 1 LAN connection port
  • Supply voltage +12VDC
  •  Power Consumption Nominal 15mA, Peak 200 mA
  •  Ultra-Compact Dimensions: 3.5”x 2.75”x 1.0″ – Weight: 1.8oz